VIP Animal Hospital provides cloning services for cats, dogs, and other pets. It’s a wonderful way to preserve, protect and memorialize a relationship with your pet.

What is cloning?

A cloned animal has the same genes as its parent and can be produced by a variety of different reproductive techniques. Cloning is a great way to preserve a pet’s genetic material. While cloning does not mean that the cloned animal will be an exact replica of the original, it does mean that it will share identical genes to the original, just like naturally occurring identical twins. Cloning preserves your pet’s exact genetic identity.

The Process

How exactly does the cloning process work? Although it might seem like something out of a sci-fi book, cloning has become a very advanced, yet standard practice for veterinary. The process looks something like this:

  • DNA is extracted from the original pet via the tissue biopsy which is cryogenically preserved.
  • A surrogate animal creates fertilized eggs which are extracted.
  • The DNA is erased from those eggs, and your pet’s preserved DNA is inserted.
  • The altered eggs are implanted back into the surrogate animal, which may or may not get pregnant and carry them to term.

Is cloning safe?

Cloning is a safe process for animals. There are little to no health risks in collecting the tissue from your pet. The most important thing to remember is that while clones are genetically identical to the original animal, they might not necessarily have the same personality.

It’s natural to wonder whether clones will have the same personality as their original animal. Cloning won’t guarantee an exact copy of your original pet, but it will provide you with many of the familiar traits, comforts and quirks that your original puppy or kitten had.

If you would like to clone your pet, contact VIP Animal Hospital today!

If you are interested in cloning your pet, contact VIP Animal Hospital today! We can help make cloning your pet a reality. Our staff will get you started on the process by giving you a consultation and quote.

If you have any questions about animal cloning or are ready to get your pet cloned, contact us at VIP Animal Hospital today!

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