VIP Canine Senior Deluxe Package Plus – Comprehensive and Advanced Senior Health

Love is what you DO. DO EVERYTHING.

Preventative care is the cornerstone to keeping your Very Important Pet happy and healthy well into his senior years. Regular Physical Exams, customized vaccinations and comprehensive parasite screening, prevention, control and treatment will help your VIP Senior continue to thrive. VIP Senior Deluxe Package goes above and beyond the basic standard of care and offers a comprehensive approach to advanced and early detection of many disease affecting senior pets.

As a pet ages, the immune system undergoes many changes. Senior dogs are not puppies and they have different vaccine needs. Some senior dogs may benefit from the “less is more” approach.” VIP Animal Hospital Expert Doctors will help you determine what’s important to your VIP Senior’s health. We customize all senior vaccine protocols to suit each individual patient’s needs.

Parasites, although usually considered to be a puppy phenomenon, do not discriminate and affect dogs of all ages. Fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites are always around and prevention is key at any age. Our doctors will customize a parasite prevention control plan that is right for your Senior Dog.

Heartworm is now endemic to Orange County and every senior pet needs to be vigilantly screened for it. Heartworm can prove catastrophic in older pets, accelerating congestive heart failure, kidney failure and leading to premature death. Heartworm testing is a standard component of the VIP Canine Senior Deluxe Package.

A much less discussed and acknowledged risk is Lyme disease, carried and transmitted by ticks. It is now also prevalent in California. Tick prevention, which is usually part of a sound, comprehensive flea prevention program, is essential to preventing Lyme infection at any age. Lyme infection is an insidious disease and often results in premature death and can be catastrophic for senior pets.

Another key component of the VIP Senior Deluxe package is an extended, customized comprehensive blood and urine panel to evaluate all major organ function, thyroid function, check for early kidney disease and any underlying subclinical infections. We offer advanced technology that allows early detection of kidney disease TWO YEARS before it shows up on regular blood panels.

The Cardio BNP test is an advanced diagnostic tool to evaluate heart health and heart function and can detect heart disease earlier than any other modality.

Older pets, just like older humans, can suffer from hypertension and its debilitating effects. Blood Pressure screening is often neglected and can be a major factor in compromising kidney health and decreasing the overall quality of life. Strokes, heart disease, paralysis and organ failure are all sequelae of untreated hypertension.

Whole body (thorax and abdomen) radiographs read and interpreted by a Board Certified Radiologist allow our doctors to evaluate major organ size and shape and to detect any abnormalities early, before they present any symptoms. Early detection can make a life and death difference in treatment outcome. There are many health conditions that do not show up on blood tests until it’s too late, like splenic tumors, kidney stones, bladder stones or kidney cancers. Most cancers do not cause symptoms until they are far too advanced to treat. These are often “incidental findings” on screening radiographs or radiographs taken for other reasons. Routine screening radiographs can later be used as baseline images to compare against any future changes if your pet develops a health problem down the road.

Senior dogs have special needs and deserve extra love.

Love is what you DO – DO EVERYTHING to keep your Senior VIP healthy and happy. Give extra love with the VIP Senior Deluxe Package.

VIP Senior Canine Wellness Package – $550 ($1,003 value)

  • Exam x 3
  • 3 View X-Rays
    • Abdomen or Chest
  • Radiology Consult (By Board Certified Radiologist)
  • Senior Screen Bloodwork
    • Chem 25
    • SDMA
    • CBC
    • T4
    • Urinalysis

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