VIP Canine Adult Wellness Package – Comprehensive Health and Wellness.

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Preventative care is key to keeping your Very Important Pet happy and healthy for years to come. Regular Physical Exams, vaccinations and comprehensive parasite screening, prevention, control and treatment when needed are cornerstones of health and wellness.

Vaccines strengthen and prime your Pup’s immune system to fend off dangerous pathogens. A current vaccination status ensures that accidental exposure to any viruses that lurk in the environment will not result in disease. Vaccines protect your Pup and minimize risk of infectious illness. In addition to Core Vaccines: Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella and Rabies, we strongly recommend Canine Influenza, Leptospirosis and Lyme to ensure broad spectrum disease protection and immunity.

Parasites can be the bane of a dog’s life and come in all forms, shapes and sizes. There are the common offenders, like roundworms or fleas that carry and transmit tapeworm. Other parasites are more insidious, more difficult to detect and much more dangerous to your dog’s health.

Heartworm is now endemic to Orange County and every pet needs to be screened for it. Heartworm testing is a standard component of the VIP Canine Adult Wellness Package. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos and any dog who enjoys outside access must be tested and protected. Skipping heartworm prevention is a dangerous gamble and the consequences may be disastrous to your dog’s health.

A much less discussed and acknowledged risk is Lyme disease, carried and transmitted by ticks. It is now also prevalent in California. Lyme is an insidious and hard to detect disease which ravages your dog’s whole body before it is detected. Limping, lethargy, decreased appetite, low grade fevers are all vague and non-specific symptoms of Lyme disease. Kidney failure and heart failure are end stage maladies associated with this infection that are not reversible and lead to death. Lyme vaccine and tick prevention, are essential to preventing Lyme infection.

Another key component of the VIP Adult Wellness package is a comprehensive blood and urine panel to evaluate all major organ function, thyroid function, and detect any underlying subclinical infections. We offer advanced technology that allows detection of kidney disease TWO YEARS before it shows up on regular blood panels.

Whole body radiographs read and interpreted by a Board Certified Radiologist allow our doctors to evaluate organ shape and size and detect any organ abnormalities before they become life threatening. Early detection can make a life and death difference in treatment outcome. These baseline radiographs can later be used to compare against any future images to evaluate changes if your pup develops a health problem down the road.

If your dog is older than 5 years we might also suggest Early Cancer Detection screening, if indicated by abnormal blood and radiograph results. This test is the latest innovation in Veterinary Medicine and detects 30 kinds of different cancers that affect pets, even the ones that evade other testing methods. It is recommended as an annual screening tool for all pets older than 5. We are the only Animal Hospital in OC to offer it. All VIP members receive a $50 discount on this advanced medical technology.

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VIP Canine Adult Wellness Package – $300 ($573 value)

  • Exam x 3
  • DHPP x 1
  • Bordetella x 1
  • Rabies x 1
  • Fecal Test
  • Adult Wellness Bloodwork
    • Chem 21
    • SDMA
    • CBC

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