Every Client and Every Pet is a VIP at VIP Animal Hospital. Our goal is to make your every visit a VIP experience with top notch service, no waiting, expert doctors and advanced technology not offered anywhere else.

We focus on sound and thorough preventative care, we follow gold standard medical and surgical protocols and we spare no expense to bring you the latest medical advances.

Preventative care is key in keeping your pet healthy and happy. There are many medical conditions that are underdiagnosed and allowed to lurk and slowly debilitate your pet. Left untreated and allowed to advance, these “silent killers” are usually not reversible. Yet they don’t just spring up overnight. They progress slowly, steadily, often over the course of many years. By the time the animal presents obvious symptoms, it is often too late. Many of those conditions are manageable if detected early.

Good medicine is a QUEST for ANSWERS: Our doctors will never tell you “I don’t know what’s wrong with your pet.” An accurate diagnosis is essential to effective treatment and resolution of symptoms. Medicine is SCIENCE, not guesswork.Our doctors will design a customized approach to get to the bottom of each pet’s unique condition. We will never allow your pet’s condition to go undiagnosed and untreated.

We see your pet’s health and wellbeing as a joint effort between You, the owner and your Veterinarian. We will involve you in every step of the process and help you understand the available options and medical recommendations. Our doctors know that client education is key to delivering good health care. You will be promptly notified of diagnostic results, whether they are performed in-house or sent to an outside lab. Our doctors will guide you through their interpretation of the results and advise you on further care options.

Many of the services offered at VIP Animal Hospital are not available anywhere else in Orange County. We are happy to be the first veterinary hospital in OC to bring you advanced early cancer detection, No-Scalpel surgical options like Cryosurgery and Laser surgery, Advanced Allergy Testing, Computed Tomography Scans, genetic testing and cloning.

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We always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Even the best can always get better. Let us know what else we can do to make your experience with us unparalleled.

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